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Bachelor of Laws...more
Answered by
Anil K Chugh, 08:42 pm
Some persons wont start speaking unless they prefix certain phrases. What is rule for some is perfe...more
Answered by
Francisco, 07:55 pm
Suicide is generally an act of cowardice because the persons, instead of fighting against the situat...more
Answered by
Francisco, 07:36 pm
Saradha scam has been increasing her head ache....more
Answered by
Anil K Chugh, 06:20 pm
This 600 metres long, cave is a river cave located approx., 8 kms from the Dehradun City (Uttarakhan...more
Answered by
Anil K Chugh, 06:28 pm
Kunchikal Falls and Jog Falls (Shimoga Distt, Karnataka); Barehipani Falls (Mayurbhanj Distt, Orissa...more
Answered by
Anil K Chugh, 06:11 pm
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Similar is the case in most of the countries of the world perhaps may be with exception to China and North Korea. In many countries, first time buyer...more
Answered by Francisco
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