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A beautiful handwriting is an asset for ever...more
Answered by
Anil K Chugh, 24 Apr 10:06 pm
It sounds wrong because it gives an impression of indulging in 'vyakti puja' (worship of individual...more
Answered by
Francisco, 05:34 am
Stitching. I also believe that 'a stitch in time, saves nine'....more
Answered by
Francisco, 12:57 am
Tell your friend: Smile and the world smiles with you - cry and you cry alone. Change the mood of...more
Answered by
Francisco, 24 Apr 09:17 pm
I do not think so....more
Answered by
Francisco, 24 Apr 09:23 pm
There are so many billionaires who are not even graduates....more
Answered by
Francisco, 24 Apr 09:32 pm
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Similar is the case in most of the countries of the world perhaps may be with exception to China and North Korea. In many countries, first time buyer...more
Answered by Francisco
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